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My Name

My complete name is
Julio León Peixoto de Abreu Lima Schwab.

For convenience, I sometimes use shorter versions of my name:

  • Julio León Peixoto Schwab
    This is the name that appears in my official Uruguayan documents (like passport, birth certificate, etc.). Peixoto and Schwab are my father's and my mother's family names, respectively. Julio and León are my given names.

  • Julio León Peixoto
    This is the version I use in the United States since in this country it is not customary to use two last names.

  • Julio L. Peixoto
    Another version of the previous name.

  • JuLePe
    Abbreviation of Julio León Peixoto. "Julepe" means "big scare" in Uruguayan slang. I hope this doesn't scare you.



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